Phone Repair

Let us help you out. In case your phone has a non-responsive buttons, a broken front glass, a broken camera, and lot more, we can fix it right away for you. As a matter of fact, we can repair your phone and give it back to you on the same day. We offer the best services for phone repair in the country.

Do you have a broken iPhone? Good news for you. We can fix it! If your iPhone or iPad has a broken button, a broken headphone jack, or has a broken screen, bring it to us right away. We can repair it for you and give it back on the following day.

Here with us at Phone Fix Repair, we know that your devices play an important role in your personal, school, and professional life. If your phone or tablet breaks, you need to hire an expert in handling the repair. That is where we can surely help you out. With several years in the industry of electronic repair, Phone Fix Repair can get the job done efficiently and quickly.


Benefits of Choosing Phone Fix Repair

Limited Lifetime Warranty for All Repairs

Here at Phone Fix Repair, we provide a limited lifetime warranty for all our repairs. In case our original repair fails due to a defect with a part that we’ve installed or because of the workmanship to repair your device, we are going to fix it for free. No charge. No questions needed.


Same Day Repairs

We are experienced in what we do, and this experience with this industry shows in the speed and the quality of our workmanship. A lot of repairs here at Phone Fix Repairs can be done in the same day while you are waiting. We understand how inconvenient your broken device can be, thus we work fast to solve the issue and get you working back to your usual activity.


Expert Repair Technicians

When it comes to cell phone repair, you only want the best technicians to work on your gadgets. We have highly skilled staff of workers and technicians who are true experts in this field and can get your gadget to work like new.


Mail It in or Just Drop it Off

Mail it in or simply drop it off, we will attend to your needs. We provide several locations and selection for you to send us your gadget whenever and wherever it is convenient on your part. You can choose either you want to mail it in or drop it off, we have a technician here at Phone Fix Repair to work for you. This is a complete inconvenient idea for you that can save you both your time and money.

If you have chosen to mail it, you can select the delivery method which will match your requirements and of course, your budget. We at Phone Fix Repair will make sure that your repaired gadget will be returned to your home safely.

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Lifetime Warranty. On-site Certified Technicians. Local Price Match Guaranteed! Our society is more dependent on our mobile devices more than ever both for work and entertainment. If your screen is cracked or unresponsive, or if your device is malfunctioning in any manner, we can help! Our friendly, well-trained staff is ready to answer any questions regarding the damage to your device and explain what your options are to repair it.

Lifetime Warranty

As long as there is no physical or any sign of water damage on your device, Phone Fix will be more than happy to repair your device at no cost!

Warranty excludes Batteries and software tune ups. Batteries are covered for up to 6 months due to the nature of lithium

Why Choose Phone Fix to Repair your Device?

Whether it is iPhone repair or any gadget that needs fixing, we are here for you. We, at Phone Fix Repair focus on our clients. We centralized our work on the quality of service that we provide each and every one of our clients and only uses quality parts in all of our repairs. We are confident that you will be a 100% satisfied with our service.


Have a Phone you can’t use because you Switched Carriers?

No Problem! Apart from our many talents we do provide unlocking for our customers. Prices do vary on the carrier that you would like to unlock, so it is very important to give us a call for a quote!

Most Common type of Repairs

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Charging Port
  • Front/Rear Camera
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Software
  • Water Damage Recovery


Phone Fix can work around your busy schedule, so just pick a date, time to set up your appointment whatever is most convenient for YOU.

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