Phone Repair

Fixing your phone can not be any easier with our services. We guarantee a high-quality cell phone repair in sunny Boca Raton where we offer same day services. We specialize in repairing devices from different situations including non-responsive buttons, broken screens, dysfunctional camera and much more.

One of the main reasons for our success…

We focus on fixing all smartphones, tablets and computers dysfunctions like but not limited to iPhone’s, iPad’s, Samsung Galaxy, Surface, iMac, etc.. from a broken screen all the way to jacked up headphone socket. We act as your go to for all your electronic devices, delivering it as good as new.

Our core value is quality

Our work is focused where delivering your device with a better performance in a very shortest amount of time. We understand the importance of your device for your personal needs which motivates us to carry out our repairs as efficiently as possible.


Benefits of Choosing Phone Fix


Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee you a lifetime warranty on most of our services as we are confident of the quality of our work; ensuring that you will not need this warranty at any given time. However, if you experience any defect, you will have the opportunity your issue corrected at no cost.


On-site Certified Technicians

We only hire the best of the best, making our team of certified technicians the most qualified individuals to deal with all your phone problems. One session with your phone will terminate all your needs for further phone maintenance.


Same Day Repairs

One of the main problems in phone repairs is the number of days it could take to receive your phone. Or getting a replacement phone where all your information will have to be migrated to it which could be a lengthy process, but our team of professional technicians is well trained to fix your phone and deliver it in as little as minutes of work, making us the fastest phone fix repair service in Boca Raton. Quality is never compromised through our speed; it’s only a competitive advantage that we have.


Mail It in or Just Drop it Off

We always try to cut down barriers between the customer and us, which is why we are located in various locations that would suit you no matter where you are. You can always come visit us to drop off your phone and there you experience our express 15-30 minutes repair service on most repairs.
You can always save more of your time by just mailing your phone to our stores and we will ensure the safe transfer back to your doorstep. There are no limitations or restrictions.

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With all the previously stated benefits, you should start by scheduling an appointment immediately! You shouldn’t worry about rates as our team of technicians will provide you with a FREE diagnostic and a full report after examining your phone which will inform you about the problem and all the different alternatives that can fix your phone.


Have a Phone you can’t use because you Switched Carriers?
No Problem! Apart from our many talents, we do provide unlocking for our customers. Prices do vary from the carrier that you would like to unlock give us a call for a FREE quote!

Most Common Repairs

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Charging Port
  • Front/Rear Camera
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Software
  • Water Damage Recovery


Phone Fix can work around your busy schedule, so just pick a date, time to set up your appointment whatever is most convenient for YOU.

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