Smartphone Repair

Servicing your phone can be done in minutes with a team ready to solve any kind of problem that arises. We are not only focused on your phone’s screen but we can easily fix any problems with the home button, cameras, charging port, battery or software. We are specialized with all the major phone brands including Samsung, LG, Apple, etc.

Keep reading to find out how to schedule an appointment right away for the less than quarter of what you would pay for a new smartphone.

Whether you have a BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung or Sony phone, we can fix it for you. Our certified technicians are experienced and trained in handling all kinds of smartphone issues such as battery replacements, water damage recovery, LCD replacement and home button repair.

Most Common type of Repairs

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Charging Port
  • Front/Rear Camera
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Software

Same Day Repair

The best part out of all our services is the fact that you will have your phone out and running on the same day you turn it in. Our team possesses high speed in their work which allows us to be done with any phone fixes in only a few hours. We do so as we know how inconvenient and unrealistic it is to live without a phone in your hand with all your personal needs.

Yet, here’s the best advantage with our services!

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our service which will provide you with free repair over any dysfunctional add-ons from our side. Even though we are pretty sure you won’t need it, we protect our customers.