Unlock Services

Do you have a phone that you can’t use because you have switched your SIM card? There is no problem at all! Aside from the fact that we repair electronic devices, we can also provide unlocking for our customers. Different prices apply depending on the carrier that you would want to unlock. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and we will offer you a free quote.

Some Service Provider Locks do not allow you to use your handset other than with the service provider that you originally purchased your handset from. For example if your phone works on AT&T and you want it to work on T-Mobile we can unlock it to work on T-Mobile and all other networks.

Our society has been dependent on electronic devices more than ever either for persona, business, or simply entertainment. In case you have a cracked or unresponsive screen, or if the gadget you have right there malfunctions in any kind of way, we can surely help. Our well-trained, and friend staff is ready to answer any questions you have that has a connection to the damage of your gadget and will gladly explain to you possible options on how they can repair it.